Friday, 24 March 2017

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: Livery - Southern Green

Today we take a look at the fourth livery for the Terriers, this one also from the Southern Railway, and which comes in 2 variations.
First we have the standard Southern livery with the large numbering  on the tank sides.

There was also an Isle of Wight specific version of this colour scheme with the number moved to the cab side and a nameplate added to the tanks featuring the names of locations that the IOW railway served. As with all numbering and naming you can choose any that you want to by simply typing them into the scenario editor but we have included the original names as follows: Freshwater, Fishbourne, Newport, Carisbrooke, Bembridge, Cowes and Ventnor

As with all the liveries any of the optional parts shown in previous blog posts can be selected and will match perfectly as can be seen above where 2735 has an original bunker whereas 12 has the extended IOW bunker and also has an added Southern Railway numberplate on the rear of it.

And of course these liveries are also available on the A1 Terrier as well as the A1X.

On Monday, if all goes to plan, we will be showing our plans for how the Terriers will be published so keep an eye out for the announcement.

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