Wednesday, 29 March 2017

LB&SCR A1/A1X Terriers: 9 Liveries in 9 Days, Day 2 - SE&CR Grey

Following on from yesterdays SE&CR colourful livery we have a livery that was created for the dark days of World War 1.
The same engine, No. 751, was painted in this matt grey colour, along with the rest of the SE&CR fleet, as an austerity measure. Presumably the colour was cheaper to produce requiring less pigments but also the lack of a varnish topcoat and the intricate lining would have saved hours of work in preparing the engines.

A1 Terrier in Wartime Grey

And as an A1X

No. 751 was in fact never converted to an A1X so this is probably a good time to expand on why we are providing engine variants in liveries that they may not have used. The first reason is that we started the design of this add-on with this intention so with a couple of exceptions the amount of work to create A1 and A1X versions has been minimised but the main reason is that due to the public love for Terriers and their proportionally large number in preservation (10 of the original 50) they have been painted many times for special events since 1960 but using all manner of Terrier variations and knowing how much Train Sim fans love running their own preserved galas, both real and imagined, we wanted to give everyone as much choice as we could. It's that simple.

Tomorrow we take a look at a Terrier that was required for a rather peculiar task.


  1. OOh i wonder what tomorrow will hold! That clue gives me ideas though!

  2. Looking amazing so far! Can't wait until these are released. Is the LNER J21 still going to be made after the Terriers? Also with these SECR liveries, I would recommend doing the C Class. Just a suggestion LOL

    1. News of our future projects should be announced in a couple of weeks time