Friday, 23 March 2018

GWR County (1000 Class): More Modelling WIP

Continuing from our last blog post, the County receives a thorough riveting. Seen here with a temporary British Railways lining to help get the correct placement.

And finally the engine is complete - on both sides!

Next task was the tender. These tenders were rather unique, being an 8'6" wide version of the 8' Hawksworth tender and built specifically for the Counties. They held 7 tons of coal and 4000 gallons of water as well as being fitted with a water scoop for additional collection en-route.

The basic outline takes shape and then we add the details.

Due to the location of the tools in a "tunnel" on the left hand side of the tender it's a tricky task to create a coal load that will animate as it's used. Here we have WIP images of a coloured coal load (in about 4 parts) to check that it can seamlessly run down without leaving large gaps or breaking through other parts of the tender.
Also seen are some small piles of coal overspill - a common sight on working engines that were filled via large coaling stations.

So that gives us an engine and a tender...

Next up, the cab!


  1. we got the last gwr 4-6-0 almost done

  2. Amazing is this going to be available on steam

  3. Your welcome. What do you think your next engine will be

  4. You should make the E2s available on steam that would be an amazing tank engine they look so good in the black and brown livery