Friday, 16 March 2018

GWR County (1000 Class): Modelling WIP

Continuing with work on the GWR County from last week...

The cylinders are now formed, the smokebox has a door on it and outside pipes fitted, and the very distinctive straight splashers are in place - with a nameplate and 3D name for testing. There are three sizes of nameplate used on the Counties; 72", 78" and 87" depending on the length of the name.

A view from the other side shows the difference in the splasher due to the reverser rod. This exits the cab, passes behind the nameplate (which sits further out than on the left side to accommodate this) and meets the reverse arm which goes through a cut-out in the splasher. The right hand side also has the typical GWR vacuum pump.

Back to the other side and the double chimney is now in place. As we said last week we will be creating all versions of the County which will include the single, double and test chimney versions in GWR and BR specifications. This side will also have the speedometer equipment on the rear wheel which was fitted to the Counties in the early 1950's under BR.

The safety bonnet and injector feeds are added, along with the cab roof.

Back to the other side again and you can see that the rails and much of the pipework have been added along with the BR fittings for the smokebox door.

The main engine is very nearly complete and ready for a going over with the digital rivet gun!


  1. Can we get some GWR Pullman Coaches to go with this wonderful engine?

    1. Not this time round but maybe in future.
      The problem is that coaches like that take almost as much time to make as a loco, which means we'd have to cut down on loco variations/liveries to fit them in.
      It also doesn't help that with coaches people seem to always demand a passenger view.. that we doubt they ever really use beyond the first time of looking at it as TS doesn't really support a passenger mode!

    2. Ah, well. Always a later time. Might as well just sell the coaches on their own if they take so much time to make, or with an engine that had little variation in its life time