Monday, 26 March 2018

Poll: Coaching Stock Packs

It's opinion time! Please nobody get upset, there are no right or wrong answers, just individual thoughts.

Somebody asked us today if the GWR County pack would come with GWR Pullman coaches. The fact is that coaches take almost as much work to build as a loco (although variants are quicker once you have a base version) and adding a passenger view increases the job hugely.
Consequently there is no way we could add coaches (of the quality we would want to produce) to an engine pack when we already provide a dozen or more liveries and options, advanced features and custom sound sets.
Please note: There will be some new rolling stock with the Counties, just not coaches.

So, we got to thinking, how would people feel if we produced a coach pack? Good idea, or not a good idea?
The other thought that's quite important is the passenger view - how important is it to people? To my mind they are a pleasant novelty - you load up for the first time, you jump into the passenger view and you think "Hey, that's really cool". And then you never use it ever again!
Because Train Simulator doesn't have a self driving passenger mode isn't it hard to ever sit comfortably for more than 20-30 seconds and enjoy a journey in a passenger view?
A passenger view is a TON of extra time and work (and also loads additional resources into a sim that people often struggle with to get decent performance), and it doesn't feel to me as if it's worth the time.
What would be better.. 1 coach and passenger view, or 5 variations of that coach with no view?

I could be completely wrong on this and I would love other opinions hence why we have the survey below and please feel free to comment as well - here, on forum threads or on Facebook.

Or you might just prefer we stick to locos and you don't want/need any more coaches anyway
Important: We're not suggesting we stop making locos but maybe we throw in a coaching pack or two at some point between locos.

So lets us know your thoughts, and thank you.

Thoughts on coaching stock packs

Yes, build some coaches, no need for a passenger view
Yes, build some coaches but they MUST have a passenger view
No, no, no! Build nothing but locos!
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  1. I'd like to see a new MK1 & Mk2 pack released in the near future with different varition of coaches both Mainline examples (with Flashing Tail Lamp) and heritage railway / Steam era Mk1s (with old fashion tail / oil lamp).

    I think given how good the locomotives that you've released I believe the coaches would be better built by you. :)

  2. Id like to see more of the enthusiasts view as with the Rivera lime in the 50s id also love pullmans

  3. would be nice having some pullman coaches (old type) and perhaps the mk2 manchester pullmans

  4. I think that I should clarify my vote slightly, I'm only interested in 'head-out' camera views that would require a view of the normal Geo only. I too would like pressure vent Mk2s first as they're the oldest and poorest examples not updated.


  5. Really I'd love to see some great GWR coaches from you guys. You're quality is unmatched, and we have been lacking some really high quality Mk1s and Mk2s for a long time. Matrix Trains have released a lot of good pre-nationalization coaches, but have yet to release any quality BR-era coaches. If you could make those, I would be very happy. And I release we have Digital Traction's (now Armstrong Powerhouses) coaches, but they are aging. We need new ones.

  6. I do love a good passenger view, but I understand how much time they can consume, and it's kind of undermined because the time you spend looking at world through the carriage windows is time that you accidentally SPAD or ignore an AWS alarm. Sadly TS20XX never shipped with an MSTS route explore mode, although that seems to have been fixed with TSW.

  7. I recon a coach pack would be a great addition espesially having some Pullman coaches in game would be amazing. But I understand Pullman were each unique cars this might be a lot of effort to make.

    As for passenger views I do enjoy using the view every now and then but if it takes that much extra effort to make, for me it’s not much a loss of it doesn’t have a passenger view as there are already plenty of carriages in game that don’t have a view already.

    Either way love your work

  8. HI guys,
    I would really, REALLY love to see some proper Pullman coaches. With a view in just one coach would do it?
    See what you think from the polls, but I know I'd love to see some coaches from you, especially Pullmans as I know they'd be done to the same brilliant standard as your steam locos.

  9. I like the entusiasts view in as in the Rivera line in the 50s

  10. I do like at least one of a set of coaches to have a passenger view, but only if it is inside the coach compartment, I actually "HATE" those views where you are hanging onto the side of the coach.

  11. I'm the trainspotter type and am not interested in the interior view. In fact, I'll rarely use the loco cabview in spite of how beautiful most of them are. Love to see some VW coaches.